You think it, we write it

“Words are the most powerful drug
that humanity has invented”


Ghost Writing Service


We carry out the design and comprehensive development of applications for mobile and tablet with Android and iOS systems , as well as any advanced programming project tailored to the needs of each client.



Sometimes the most difficult part of the writing process is the original idea, the seed of a great work. If something goes around your head but it is difficult for you to shape it, or if you want something that is just an idea to become a complete plot, do not hesitate: contact us.

To write


Professional Book Writing Service

“I am afraid of those great words that make us so unhappy”

James Joyce

"If you have been thinking about it for a while, it is worth writing"

As ghostwriters  we put on paper anything that can be expressed in words, without any limitation , therein lies the power of language.
If you have written ” I’m looking for a ghost writer ” or ” I’m looking for a writer for my book ” on Google, it is because you have an idea that goes around your head and you don’t know how to express it. We help you turn your idea into something real, adapting to your style, demands and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are article writers, novel writers, essay writers … we adapt to what you need under the strictest quality criteria. Our ghostwriter will create a personalized program that fits with you and what you want. At Creatic Solutions we have four contract models to cover the different types of services we offer.

No small projects, just satisfied customers


Not only does the novel have a place in the publishing world. The lives of famous people, or with an exciting journey, are also a good vein for the market. If you have a story to tell, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able, to write the story you need in not only professional but creative way.

Reading report

Thanks to our experience as readers in different publishers, we know the tastes of many of them and the way to unite that knowledge in the works that come to us. The reading report can serve you both to reflect on your work and give it one last turn, and to use it as a presentation for every reader from anywhere around the globe


Editorial proposal

The editorial proposal is the letter of presentation of the work for the publishers. With the profusion of manuscripts received, many of them no longer accept new ones and restrict their entry to reading an editorial proposal. That is why this must contain all the elements of the book.


Accompaniment is a newly created service that consists of guiding the writer throughout the work he is going to write, making suggestions, listening to his concerns and providing ways to change the approach to his work, if that is what he needs. We also put at your disposal different tools that allow you to be comfortable with the work.


Many times, when we write, we let ourselves be instinctive and thus we feel more comfortable in front of the keyboard or blank paper. The pulse flows and the words are strung together precisely. However, when we read the work, something is missing that cannot be identified.


If yours is the audiovisual world, we also have collaborators with extensive experience who can lend you a hand to transform your work into a script, a text intended for consumption in images.



In general, the works that come to light go through a debugging process that enhances them and gives them that professional appearance of finished work. In most cases, this work is carried out by someone specialized, who homogenizes the text and guarantees that what is desired is expressed. We help you feel like a professional writer.


If you have an idea; if you have a few pages that don’t quite grow at the speed you would like; If you have a text that lacks intensity, emotion, a finish … If, in short, you have ideas but not the time to complete them, we can help you.

As ghostwriters  we put on paper anything that can be expressed in words, without any limitation

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